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Sewing Bees

Lightheartedly donned the Sewing Bees, this group of women has been meeting 20+ years, artfully combining sewing talents and Christian fellowship to minister to those in need via mission projects.

From making quilts for nursing home patients to pillow-case dresses for girls in third-world countries, the Bees will tell you that using their talents in His service is a two-fold blessing. As one Bee so aptly expressed: “This sure is cheaper and better than going to a shrink!”

The Bees have worked on various sewing projects for Ronald McDonald House, an orphanage in Muldova, and hospice, nursing homes and cancer centers throughout the region. Where there is a need, there is a way and this group certainly answers the call by offering up their talents and creativity.

The Bees have designated Thursday as “therapy day.” Therapy includes utilization of talents, sharing a great meal, Christian fellowship (and let’s not forget lost of buzzing), and all this adds up to a great day of fun while serving others.

Sewing expenses are met in part by the Women’s Sunday School Class which provides financial support via offering the first Sunday of each month.

If you would like more information on this group; contact Hazel Stanley at 276-940-2054 or email