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Our Pastor

Pastor Bryan Gunter

Hello and welcome to Thomas Village Baptist Church. What a privilege it is to have you stop to spend some time with us and get to know us.

First and most important thing the folks at TVBC want you to know and remember is that NO ONE LOVES YOU LIKE JESUS!

I felt the calling of God and left Blackshear, Georgia to become pastor at Thomas Village. I preached my first sermon on January 1, 2017. My wife and two children joined me in June of that same year. I am a graduate of Clear Creek Bible College-Pineville, KY, where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry.

We have a diverse group of people that attend our services. There are educators, truck drivers, international salesmen, retirees and farmers. We have white collar, blue collar and no collar…But the one thing that brings us together is that the love of Christ Jesus has changed our lives.

God has truly blessed our church with many great ministries. We have multiple programs for children and a vibrant and active teen ministry. Our college and career age group is active and growing. We are seeking the Holy Spirit to guide us on how to expand and be more involved in this age group.  This can be a difficult time for many and they are sometimes forgotten.

We have women’s bible study, men’s bible study along with a combined “Pairs and Spares” bible study. There is a lively Senior Adult ministry and a sewing group known as “The Sewing Bees”.

Earlier I mention that we are blessed here at TVBC. I was raised as the son of a preacher for many years. I have preached and pastored in many churches as well as attending many churches. The two things that make TVBC special are:

ONEThe LOVE; I believe when you walk in the doors you will feel wanted, welcomed and valued by the people of the church. This is a product of the Love Jesus has for the folks here.

TWOThe presence and power of the Holy Spirit.  It is not the building, singing or steeple that makes a church. It is the active moving and teaching of God Himself. Without it we are just a community club. We are so in need of His presence. We are thankful He chooses to be with us and we never want to take the Holy Spirit for granted.

Thank you again for taking a little time to check us out. Please come join us in service or any of our other ministries. You can also be with us live on FaceBook on Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m.

I believe you will be blessed!  Never forget: No one loves you like Jesus!