Serving our Lord Jesus Christ to change lives, strengthen families and serve our community

H.O.P.E. Christian Ministries

Who We Are:

We are a non-profit group of area churches that are working together to help our community live a better life, and have a brighter future. Our ministry works with other interested people in our community that want to help provide food, clothing, tutoring, and counseling, to name a few things, to those who are struggling to get ahead in life, and have a desire to do so. We also take the opportunity to minister to each person that comes into our facility, and make sure they know who Jesus is, how he loves them, and how to trust him.

What We Do:

The main objective of our facility is to provide food and clothing to those in our community who are in need. Please check our hours of operation on our website or call us. We also offer other services, by appointment only, such as Counseling, Tutoring, Elderly assistance, and Cooking classes. Please see our list of services for further information.

Please contact us if you need assistance. If you would like to contribute to our ministry through volunteering your time, or with a tax deductible monetary donation, please contact us or see our website at Thank you.